Cyclone CP


Cyclone CP is a compact and lightweight solution for cathodic protection tasks. Easily mounted to all types of ROVs for digitising and displaying the voltage from a CP probe.

Key features

  • Small, lightweight and low power
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Excellent noise reduction (stable readings)
  • Fully customisable data format
  • Contact, proximity and cell-to-cell measurements

What you get

Included Optional extras
Cyclone CP system Probe mount
Buckleys contact CP probe 6 pin moulded power cable
Complete set of bare-ended mating tails
Dummy connectors
Mounting hardware (screws)
Zinc test block
Storage case
USB containing software, manual and calibration certificate


Depth rating 500 metres
Measurement range +5 volts to -5 volts
Update rate 1 – 10Hz
Resolution 1mV
Typical accuracy ±1mV
Accuracy limit ±0.05% + 2 digits
Data output RS232/RS485 simultaneous
Data format Various ASCII readable and NMEA style outputs – configurable via serial link
Top side display Supplied with PC display and logging software. Alternatively, the serial data can be fed directly into a client video overlay.
Size L: 80mm × 92.2mm × 50mm (excluding connectors)
Weight in air 520g
Weight in water 275g