BlueView Sonar


The industry’s most compact, full-featured 2D multibeam imaging sonar available.

Engineered to fit in small, tight spaces the M Series is 30% smaller than the popular P Series, and delivers the same crisp, real-time sonar imagery.

Available in three field-of-view options for high-performance forward looking imaging sonar: 45°, 90°, and 130°.

At 900 kHz the M900 Series is the ideal sonar for underwater detection and identification operations.

Specifically designed to increase the search rates and effectiveness in low and/or zero visibility conditions with both mid-range detection and close-range identification capabilities from moving or stationary platforms.

Available to purchase from Atlantas Marine.

Model variations

M900-45 45° field of view
M900-90 90° field of view
M900-130 130° field of view
VideoRay with BlueView
VideoRay with BlueView