Atlantas Marine’s rental pool includes VideoRay and Ocean Modules ROVs (remotely-operated vehicles) as well as a wide choice of sonars, cameras and tooling. These products and services are built around each customer’s individual project requirements.

If you would like a trained pilot to operate a rented ROV, please see our offshore inspection services page.

VideoRay rentals

VideoRay Pro 4

VideoRay Pro 4

The VideoRay Pro 4 is the most popular mini observation ROV in the world. Used in both onshore and offshore projects, carrying out all types of inspection work. Available with a variety of accessories, sonars and tooling.

Choose your tether length depending on your requirements and hire a complete system from Atlantas Marine.

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Ocean Modules rentals

Ocean Modules V8 M500 ROV

Ocean Modules V8

The most advanced ROV in its class.

The V8 offers far better manoeuvrability than is possible with a traditional ROV, whilst the ability to auto-hold pitch and roll gives unprecedented stability and improved current handling.

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