Blueprint Subsea Oculus M750d Sonar


The Oculus M series multibeam sonars are a new generation of compact imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications. Their small form factor makes them ideally suited for deployment onto micro-sized platforms, while their rugged construction also makes them an excellent choice for larger work-class vehicles and subsea infrastructure.

Model variations


With a 200m range capability, this sonar is a cost effective alternative to traditional mechanically scanned sonars, typically being used for long range navigation and situational awareness.


A general purpose dual-frequency 750kHz/1.2MHz sonar offering up to 120 metre range capability for navigation and high resolution imagery for near field target identification.


Offering the highest resolution in the M series range, the dual frequency 1.2MHz/2MHz M1200d may be used for specialised inspection tasks where image quality is critical with ranges of up to 40 metres.


Dimensions 125mm long × 122mm wide × 62mm high
Construction Anodised aluminium
Weight 980g in air, 360g in water
neutral buoyancy pack available
Depth rating 300 metres
Temperature range -5°C to +35°C (operating)
-20°C to +50°C (storage)
Connector Impulse IE55 series, 6-way
Communications 4-wire 100-BaseT ethernet, 2-wire DSL extender module
(Trigger in/out and RS232 aux options ♦)
Supply voltage 18V to 32V isolated DC (12V non-isolated option ♦)
Power consumption 10W to 35W (model and range dependent ✦)
Integrated sensors Water pressure and temperature (for velocity-of-sound calculation)

♦ Consult factory for availability and further details

✦ Indicates parameter is dependent on range

M370s M750d M1200d
Operating frequency 375kHz 750kHz/1.2MHz 1.2MHz/2.1MHz
Maximum range 200m 120m/40m 30m/10m
Minimum range 0.2m 0.1m 0.1m
Range resolution ✦ 8mm 4mm/2.5mm 2.5mm/2.5mm
Maximum update range ✦ 40Hz 40Hz 40Hz
Horizontal aperture 130° 130°/70° 130°/60°
Vertical aperture 20° 20°/12° 20°/12°
Maximum number of beams 256 512 512
Angular resolution 1°/0.6° 0.6°/0.4°
Beam separation 0.5° 0.25°/0.16° 0.25°/0.16°

✦ Indicates parameter is dependent on range