ROV Equipment for Hire

ROV Equipment for Hire

​From harbour inspections to offshore surveys, we've got the right tools for the job. We are proud to supply high quality, reliable ROV equipment manufactured by the market leaders. Atlantas Marine's rental fleet includes VideoRay and Ocean Modules ROVs as well as a wide range of SONAR, tooling and accessories.


VideoRay Pro 4 ROV System

The VideoRay Pro 4 is the latest addition to VideoRay's range of ROVs. With updated electronics and software, increased thruster power and improved depth rating, the Pro 4 is the most versatile ROV on the market Get Quote

Ocean Modules V8 ROV system

The most advance ROV in its class. The V8 offers far better maneuverability than is possible with a traditional ROV, whilst the ability to auto-hold pitch and roll gives unprecedented stability and improved current handling Get Quote


BREEZE HD allows you to capture HD images, view and record LIVE HD allowing for some of the highest quality underwater camera images ever recorded. The BREEZE HD can be used with our VideoRay PRO4's and Ocean Modules ROV's. Get Quote

Oculus M750D Multibeam SONAR

The Oculus M750d is a general purpose dual-frequency sonar offering up to
120 metre range capability at 750kHz, and 40 metre at 1.2MHz, with 130°
and 70° horizontal fields of view respectively. Get Quote

Blueview Multibeam SONAR

Multi-beam imaging sonars ideal for ROV mounting. Popular with police, military and offshore inspection customers the M900 series are specifically designed to increase the search rates and effectiveness in low and/or zero visibility conditions with both mid-range detection and close-range identification capabilities from moving or stationary platforms. M900 series SONAR available Get Quote

Seatrac USBL

Consisting of: 1 x X150 USBL Beacon A multi-purpose 'ultra-short base line'
acoustic transponder beacon & 1 x X010 Modem Beacon A miniature and
lighter weight version of our X110 beacon, the X010 is suitable for mounting
on divers and small ROV's. Get Quote

Pipe Profiling Sonar

The Pipe Profiling Sonar provides an acoustic method for profiling the interiors of liquid filled pipes or boreholes. This method does not require draining of the pipes as with camera surveys and provides accurate quantified data which can not be obtained from a camera display alone. Get Quote

Cathodic Protection Probe

This ROV mounted CP (Cathodic Protection) probe can be used to assess and monitor corrosion inhibiting systems. Get Quote