No mission is impossible when you mix and match lengths and types of the VideoRay's tether to reach an underwater destination. Now you can choose from several combinations of neutrally buoyant or negatively buoyant tether lengths to suit the job at hand. All new tether purchases include the brand new kevlar braided tether for extreme durability.

Modular lengths of tether can be mixed and matched by simply locking in new sections. Snap on the short tether for a potable water tank inspection. Then switch in seconds to the extended tether for a deepwater application the 3 types of tether available are described in more detail below - custom lengths are also available.

Performance Tether - 8mm diameter

The performance tether is a thin and flexible, neutrally bouyant tether - ideal for shallow water work. When using long tether configurations we would normally start with a length of 40m performance tether at the ROV end because of the excellent flexibility and low drag characteristics. This tether has higher power losses than the other types of tether, so is normally supplied in short lengths.

Neutral Tether - 10mm diameter

Flexible, neutrally buoyant tether. This is the standard tether on many VideoRay systems. The thicker diameter wires mean there is less power drop than the performance tether so it is suitable for use in longer tether configurations. The neutral buoyancy and good flexibility ensures that it does not compromise ROV manouverability.

Negative Tether - 8mm diameter

The negative tether is negatively buoyant, making it ideal for operating in deep water environments, or areas with snagging hazards near the surface of the water. It also has the best power performance of the 3 tether types making it ideal for use in long tether configurations.

Available to purchase and hire from Atlantas Marine.