Offering similar features to the SeaKing sonar in a compact housing, the Tritech Micron Sonar has set new standards in compact sonar technology.

The Micron is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world. CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compared with conventional sonars - it is a feature normally associated with much larger, more expensive systems. If the new generation of very small and low cost ROVs are to develop their full potential it is essential they are equipped with the vital tools and sensors expected on larger vehicles.

The Micron Sonar incorporates the very latest surface mounted digital electronics and many software features normally found only on full sized commercial systems.Based on experience gained from Tritech's world class range of SeaKing and SeaPrince sonars,the Micron incorporates the most advanced acoustic features and software available today.

The sonar can be controlled by a customer supplied PC or laptop and it can be configured for either RS232 or RS485 protocols. The Micron has an auxiliary port to allow it to interface with other Tritech sensors.

Available to purchase and hire from Atlantas Marine.