The Super SeaPrince DST Sonar is designed specifically for survey, observation and light work class ROV.

The sonar is a single transducer, full digital CHIRP system, complementing the larger dual transducer Super SeaKing DST Sonar.

The Super SeaPrince DST is available in two configurations with either single or dual port pressure housings. This enables the sonar to function within the ArcNet network and interface with Tritech and third party products.

The standard depth rating of a Super SeaPrince DST Sonar is 4000 metres. It has all the functionality expected of a Tritech professional offshore sonar. Amongst its advanced capabilities are instant scan reversal, sector scan, image measurement, inverted head operation and true acoustic zoom.

Super SeaPrince DST CHIRP's around its optimised frequency of 675kHz. The sonar is extremely rugged, built to the highest quality standards and with a hard boot to protect the transducer.

Available to purchase from Atlantas Marine.