The Recovery & Retrieval Tool Kit is designed to extend the capabilities of the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV by providing a set of tools to perform marking and recovery operations up to 4,000 lb (1815 kg).

The goal is to allow the ROV to connect a separate recovery line to a target then to completely disconnect the ROV from the target and recovery line so the ROV is free to observe the recovery or perform other operations without having to surface and to do this without entangling the ROV in the recovery line or changing the weight and balance of the ROV.

To accomplish this goal, the Recovery & Retrieval Tool Kit was designed to address the complex needs of ever changing mission conditions. By using modern high tech but simple tools and applying a good understanding of the physics involved in performing a lift will help to ensure the success of the mission.

The kit consists of:

- Universal Mounting Bracket

- Deployment Fixture

- Recovery Snap Clip

- Recovery Pendant

- Float

- Quick Link

- Tether Band