The Mission Specialist Pro 5 Rotating Manipulator is designed by Blueprint Lab.

From the hand controller or control panel, you can retrieve items in confined or hazardous locations.

The VideoRay Pro 5 ROV’s camera can be tilted down to focus in on the jaw to provide a close view of the operation. When not needed, the Rotating Manipulator Arm can be easily removed.

This manipulator is compatible with VideoRay Pro 5

For the Pro 5 vehicle, the Rotating Manipulator does not rotate a full 360 degrees and is manufactured by BluePrint Subsea. This arm is smaller than that of the Pro 4 and Defender ROV, and does not come with 5 interchangeable heads. It is important to note that the Rotating Manipulator Arms cannot be swapped between systems.

Like the standard manipulator attachment, the Rotating Manipulator Arm can lift objects underwater too heavy for the ROV to lift under its own power by gripping them while the operator pulls the tether of the ROV to the surface. With simple manoeuvring and hand control buttons, you can grab, scoop, cut, and retrieve submerged items, especially in confined or hazardous locations.


Depth Rating: 300m (1,000ft)

Weight (air): 0.36kg (0.79lbs)

Weight (water): 0.24kg (0.53lbs)

Claw length: 78mm (3.07in)

Full length: 195mm(7.67in)

Travel (time to close): 2.5mm/s

Closing force: 600N