Ocean Modules V8 M500 ROV


Nimble and powerful, the revolutionary third generation V8 ROV is still the only vehicle that allows unlimited pitch and roll through a full 360° with maintained platform stability.

The evolved V8 M500 is the latest ROV based on the revolutionary Ocean Modules 360° of freedom concept. Based on eight vectored thrusters and an extremely advanced control system, the V8 M500 offers far better manoeuvrability than is possible with a traditional ROV, whilst the ability to auto-hold pitch and roll gives unprecedented stability and improved current handling; any desired angle and position can be held indefinitely, at any depth, as required.

The V8 M500 is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications where manoeuvrability is key, including offshore energy, EOD, science and research, infrastructure inspections and long tunnel inspections.

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Dependability built into every vehicle

The precision engineered new V8 is the first word in inspection class ROV reliability. Entirely redesigned electronics are housed in a single bottle, therefore reducing the number of subsea connectors. Identical circuit boards programmed for different functions keep the number of spares to a minimum. The new ROVs also feature improved diagnostic and repair features including full auto-monitoring of voltages and currents, fault diagnosis, built in test facility and remote internet-based software updates.

New frame

A new larger frame improves hydrodynamic performance and offers more internal space for easy sensor and tool integration.

Pilot control unit (PCU)

The PCU provides all the controls an operator needs to handle the V8 M500 in one simple handheld unit. These include speed, direction, depth, pitch, roll, trim, light intensity, camera pan and tilt, and autopilot. Anyone who has ever played a first-person video game or driven a remote-controlled car will instantly understand the intuitive interface.

Surface unit (SU)

The surface unit provides the power required to operate the V8 M500 ROV. For added safety it includes constant insulation monitoring with a warning alarm as well as automatic cut-out. It also has an interface for all the inputs and outputs, such as telemetry, video, sonar, ethernet, USB and RS-232.


A fibre optic tether allows the use of HD cameras, high bandwidth ethernet sonars, and a virtually limitless number of serial interfaces.


Depth rating 500 metres
Maximum umbilical 2500 metres
Weight 50kg
Length 80cm
Width 70cm
Height 50cm
Payload 10kg
Power 5kW
Thrusters 8 × T110