Designed and developed by Inuktun, the VideoRay externally mountable camera is a plug and play secondary standard definition color video camera that is compact, lightweight and rugged.

The accessory features variable intensity LED lighting controlled from the ROV hand controller, a high resolution, low lux camera, and a custom VideoRay plug mount insert that fits snugly into either of the float block holes.

The external camera has the standard 9 pin VideoRay accessory cable and can be used in conjunction with other VideoRay options such as the manipulator and sonars.

Mount the camera 360º in any direction before the dive to give yourself two different camera views. Simply toggle back and forth with the hand controller - whatever window is being displayed on the monitor can be recorded. Both video windows cannot be displayed at the same time.

The camera head is completely encased in transparent epoxy, making it virtually indestructible while operating in the most confined spaces, hazardous areas and to depths up to 305 m (1,000 ft).


Camera Diameter: 37.5 mm (1.5 in)

Length: 50 mm (2 in)

Resolution / Sensitivity: 400 + TV Lines / 1.0 lux

Depth Rating: 300m (1,000 ft)

Available to purchase and hire from Atlantas Marine.


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