VideoRay Accessories Products


​The manipulator allows the ROV operator to hold on to objects underwater and retrieve items from the seabed. The manipulator can lift up to 40 kilos or 90 pounds underwater.

From the control box,

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Rotating Manipulator

The VideoRay Rotating Manipulator Arm is one of the most useful tools in the VideoRay toolbox.  With full 360º head rotation and five interchangeable jaws, its uses are unlimited - anything from

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​The VideoRay Cutter has been specifically designed for use with either VideoRay Pro 3 or Pro 4 ROV systems. The Cutter utilizes the same 9 Pin Plug & Play feature as all other VideoRay Accessories

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​The VideoRay Crawler attachment is so simple and effective it’s ridiculous.

It has been specifically designed for the Pro 4 Float Block and is an essential attachment for obtaining stable video

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External SD Camera

​Designed and developed by Inuktun, the VideoRay externally mountable camera is a plug and play secondary standard definition color video camera that is compact, lightweight and rugged. 

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Laser Scaler

​The Laser Scaler attachment for the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system is a plug and play measurement device that can be attached or removed from the vehicle in seconds. The laser accessory projects two

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VideoRay Tether

​No mission is impossible when you mix and match lengths and types of the VideoRay's tether to reach an underwater destination. Now you can choose from several combinations of neutrally buoyant or

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Tether Deployment System

​Tired of tripping over loose tether laying on your deck or fussing with over-under recoil?

With the turn of a handle, the TDS (Tether Deployment System) quickly deploys and retrieves the VideoRay

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Spares Kits

​Each VideoRay is supplied as standard with a tool kit which includes the basic parts to keep your ROV maintained, including tools, thruster seal, O-rings, hardware, and props. The are also 4

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Cygnus Metal Thickness Gauge

The Cygnus Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge has been specifically designed to be mounted onto small observation ROVs such as the VideoRay Pro 4

Designed in conjunction with VideoRay, the gauges will

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Recovery and Retrieval Tool Kit

​The Recovery & Retrieval Tool Kit is designed to extend the capabilities of the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV by providing a set of tools to perform marking and recovery operations up to 4,000 lb (1815 kg).

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VideoRay MSS Defender Navigation Package

​The Mission Specialist Navigation Package allows for a higher level of autonomous control. 

The package integrates a Doppler Velocity log (DVL) which locks onto and tracks the ROV’s position

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Pro 5 Rotating Manipulator

​The Mission Specialist Pro 5 Rotating Manipulator is designed by Blueprint Subsea. 

From the hand controller or control panel, you can retrieve items in confined or hazardous locations. 


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