VideoRay PRO 5

VideoRay PRO 5


‚ÄčThe VideoRay Mission Specialist Series (MSS) 

Pro 5 configuration is designed for speed and efficiency, weighing in at 10kg (22lb). The three-thruster system has forward speed of over 4.4 knots, and utilises a system of interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. 

The Pro 5 is designed to handle missions with size, space, weight, and deployment speed constraints, such as infrastructure inspections beyond the reach of divers, search & recovery, exploring the ocean floor up to 305m, and various others. 

The Pro 5 builds on the strengths of the Pro 4, with more thrust, longer tether lengths, higher resolution video, and the advantages of the MSS modular systems.

Available Options:

Pro 5 Rotating Manipulator

The MSS Defender is ideal for many offshore and inspection operations, it's fast, powerful and portable. 


  • 10 x Zoom HD Camera with 180' tilt
  • Powerful 3 thruster ROV - 40 pounds of horizontal forward thrust
  • Small and light ROV, portable and reliable

You can add a multibeam sonar and USBL - Positioning system to your Pro 5 


Power110/220VAC (1 to 2.6kW)
DepthUp to 305m (1,000ft)
Weight10kg (22lbs) - (Air Weight)
CommsRS-485 and Ethernet
Speed>4.4 knots (forward)
Cases2-3 Watertight Rugged Hard Cases
ManualOnline Digital
Warranty2 Year Comprehensive
Payload**BluePrint Sonar (750D or 1200D), Single axis or dual axis manipulator, Micron USBL or SeaTrac USBL. **Note: Given the smaller size of the Pro 5, not all Mission Specialist payload options for the Defender configuration will be able to integrate with the Pro 5. If you have any specific questions about accessory integrations, please contact: or +44(0)1935 426000



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