SeeByte CoPilot - Autonomous ROV Control

SeeByte CoPilot - Autonomous ROV Control

Thanks to VideoRay's exclusive partnership with SeeByte, the leader in awareness control software for unmanned vehicles, Pro 4 ROV systems now offer navigation, real-time monitoring, and DP (Dynamic Positioning) control to MicroROV users for the first time.  This revolutionary upgrade simplifies and enhances the VideoRay user experience by allowing full automation on a level not available anywhere else in the Inspection Class ROV market. CoPilot provides effortless and automatic navigation to underwater locations all while following a pre-defined mission regardless of changing currents and rough sea conditions.

VideoRay CoPilot by SeeByte will dramatically shorten search-time and increase confidence that areas have been fully and accurately assessed.  A pre-planned, computer-automated mission eliminates human error and ensures full coverage of the entire search area on the first time.  The operator uses the CoPilot software to map out a flight path and the ROV begins following it at the operator's command. The computer controls the thrusters to manuever the ROV along the planned route, unless the operator decides to alter the route, pause the ROV, or fly to a target for a closer look.  Paths can be saved and repeated, furthering shortening mission time. 

With CoPilot, ROV operators can fully focus on the true task at hand, whether they are searching for drowning victims, recovering objects, inspecting vessels or tanks, or detecting explosives. Tank or vessel inspectors and crime scene investigators no longer need to worry about missing sections of their search areas – CoPilot leaves no stone unturned.

Despite the advanced technology incorporated into CoPilot, the Pro 4 remains as portable and easy-to-use as ever. A single operator can easily plan and conduct missions using the software's simple user-friendly interface. The lightweight ROV maintains its minimal power requirements and compact size, allowing for one-man deployment and retrieval of the ROV by hand using the tether as an umbilical - no cranes or winches necessary. Whether working in a potable water tank or inspecting the hull of a large vessel in rough seas, operators can begin reaping the benefits of CoPilot's capabilities on the very first mission.

VideoRay and SeeByte have developed three different CoPilot packages to accommodate different capabilities: Sonar CoPilotSurvey CoPilot, and RI (Reacquire Identify) CoPilot.


Sonar CoPilot

Sonar CoPilot uses BlueView P900 series imaging sonar to locate, identify, and fly to targets

When you identify a sonar target, the computer controls the thrusters to maneuver to within visual range, as you simply play out tether as needed. This solution simply takes a VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system with a BlueView P900 series imaging sonar and adds software which allows click-and-go auto piloting. Get Quote

Survey CoPilot

Survey CoPilot uses the Teledyne RDI Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) to provide real-time GPS position data.

Pilots can autonomously follow pre-defined missions or maintain a station in currents exceeding 1 knot and rough sea conditions. With precise bottom track data provided by the Teledyne DVL (Doppler Velocity Log), the operator can autonomously acquire a GPS fix on the surface and, once submerged, continuously update the ROV’s position in water altitudes ranging from 80 meters deep to as shallow as 31 centimeters. Get Quote

RI CoPilot

RI CoPilot (Reacquire Identify) uses both the BlueView sonar and Teledyne DVL to acquire navigation data, and provides the operator with all the features available in both sonar copilot and survey copilot. Get Quote


  • Manual, Station-Keeping, Survey, and ROV Cruise Modes
  • Navigation fuses GPS and Velocity updates from DVL to provide precise position updates
  • Simple point-and-click PC interface over charts to command ROV
  • One click “Go to Target” automation
  • One-click target tracking application launch
  • Easy target selection and tracking - user defined target size parameters
  • Streaming target relative velocity data
  • Full integration with VideoRay Cockpit software